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Consulting Services

CCRS provides consulting services and on-site staffing to stand-up and expertly manage your centralized research operations infrastructures and translational clinical research programs. 
Whether your goal is to launch a new initiative, gain a deeper understanding of your current internal operating capabilities and/or identify business gaps, CCRS offers its clients important business intelligence and consultations.  CCRS will map the current state of your organizational or departmental unit, and subsequently deliver a future-state road map outlining business strategies, specific recommendations and tools needed to further elevate, promote and grow your clinical research program.


  • Identify and harmonize disparate research processes
  • Drive new clinical trial and revenue opportunities
  • Accelerate study start-up timelines
  • Decrease administrative redundancies and costs
  • Develop and manage strategic alliances
  • Assess current business capabilities and gaps
  • Develop strategic business models and processes
  • Develop branding and marketing strategies
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