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Developed for clinical research professionals by clinical research professionals

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CTXcellerator℠ eSolution is a purpose-built system developed for clinical research professionals by clinical research professionals.
The platform combines the functionality of an e-regulatory document management and exchange platform with that of a study start-up activities tracking, project management and business intelligence reporting tool.
The solution mirrors a sponsor’s regulatory binder and eliminates the need for maintaining and storing volumes of paper. With an added business intelligence tool featuring dashboards, metrics and robust reporting functionality, users can seamlessly track and measure study startup timelines and accrual performance. 
CTXcellerator℠ eSolution supports single and multisite research network operations and can be leveraged to conduct a single study or a portfolio of trials. 



  • Document exchange & e-Regulatory solution
  • Allows for efficient and central management of single and multisite clinical trials operations
  • Secure, cloud-based and password-protected system 
  • Maintains clinical trial essential regulatory documents in an audit-ready state
  • Allows for remote access and monitoring by sponsors and users
  • Eliminates need to maintain and store paper regulatory binders
  • Supports eSignature and FDA Part 11 compliance
  • Reduces cost associated with on/off-site storage
  • Ensures rapid timelines implementation 
  • Allows for automatic daily data back-up 
  • Customizable to meet the end-user’s needs capabilities


  • Tracks study startup activities from feasibility through patient enrollment
  • Defines and accelerates timelines
  • Defines Day Zero and pre-populates many fields
  • Tracks historical real-world performance data (e.g., startup timelines and accrual)
  • Allows seamless downloads and report exporting functionality
  • Supports industry and investigator-initiated clinical trials management
  • Provides flexible and customizable reports to meet the end-user’s needs
  • Leverages a project management tool to manage activities and deadlines
  • Promotes ability to benchmark one site against another and forecast revenue
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